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The Metaverse is Coming, But Do We Trust Meta (FKA Facebook) to Lead The Way?

The company formerly known as Facebook has a long way to go to regain public trust. It is the right move to establish Meta as the parent brand to their family of apps and create a new endeavor as a technology-focused company. But the legacy of past decisions as Facebook will continue to play a role in how consumers and regulators view Meta for years to come.

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13 Top Daily News Sources for Marketing Students

Marketing moves fast. Our global economy coupled with digitally connected brands and consumers has caused news cycles to shrink dramatically. Stories unfold over the course of minutes and hours instead of days. Miss a day of news and you are out of the loop. How can you stay in the know without spending hours browsing websites, blogs and social media? Here are 13 sources you need to know.

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Why Your Professor Requires Public Speaking and How to Stop Fearing It

Photo by William Moreland on Unsplash Whether in high school, college, or where ever life takes you next, you will be asked to speak publicly at some point. As a person who went from significant fear of public speaking to teaching at a university, I understand the racing heart, sweaty palms, and intense dread that can arise when… Continue reading Why Your Professor Requires Public Speaking and How to Stop Fearing It