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How to Make the Connection Between Love and Work

Photo by Alex Green Our purpose in life is to help people and to love. Being helpful is love in action. One way we help people is through work.  Our life’s work, our career’s work, our work as a parent, friend, or neighbor. The measure of a person is how well we love others. Love… Continue reading How to Make the Connection Between Love and Work

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How Badly Do You Want It?

Photo by Samantha Garrote from Pexels Whatever you think you want to do, become or achieve...How badly do you want it?Are you willing to do the work?Are you willing to wait?Are you willing to not be good at it right away?Are you willing to learn from others who have already done it?If not, maybe you… Continue reading How Badly Do You Want It?

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Instead of Christmas Cards, I Am Sending Thank You Cards This Year

The practice of daily gratitude has made me calmer, happier, and more resilient this year. I include gratitude in my daily journal. I have thanked God for gifts in my life. But I have not personally thanked humans for their kindness to me and my family in a tangible and meaningful way nearly enough. So, instead of Christmas cards, I am going to send thank you cards.