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How Badly Do You Want It?

Photo by Samantha Garrote from Pexels Whatever you think you want to do, become or achieve...How badly do you want it?Are you willing to do the work?Are you willing to wait?Are you willing to not be good at it right away?Are you willing to learn from others who have already done it?If not, maybe you… Continue reading How Badly Do You Want It?

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10 Simple Ways to Stay Motivated and Wipe Out Your Last Large Debt

Paying off debt can be exhilarating at first. But what happens when the grind of careful budgeting wears you down? You dream of getting to the other side and can see it getting closer, but that last debt payment is still so far away. How can you fight the urge to give up?

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Identify Your Most Valued Goal by Scheduling Daily “Me Time”

What you choose to do with that time tells you what you desire most and helps you achieve it. It's an answer to that cliched career question: "If you didn't have to worry about money, what would you choose to do with your life?" Being kind to myself turned out to be the best way to identify and work on my dream.

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What Its Like to Go Through Financial Peace University as a Married Couple in Your 50s During a Pandemic

Have you wondered whether taking a class to work on your finances is worth it? I did, and here is what my husband and I discovered. We needed help making some changes, and I was ready to admit it. We signed up for the in-person nine-week Financial Peace University course offered at a local church to begin in mid-March 2020. Someday soon, we will be doing the debt-free scream and “living and giving like no one else.