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When All Else Fails, Will Introducing Elements of Hotel Luxury in Your Bedroom Improve Sleep?

After months of restless sleep, I splurged on bedding updates and it was so worth it

Sleep. That elusive, restorative cycle we all long to get enough of.

Some of us naturally great at sleep, usually

For most of my life, I was a great sleeper. I was knocked out cold if I went to bed tired enough and blissfully snoozed, unaware of the world, for at least 9 hours. I had no problem getting the recommended hours. My partner, a light sleeper, marveled at my sleep coma. I was not so much of a great waker, but that’s another story.

Oh, occasionally troubled times would disturb my sleep, and I would lie awake thinking. Or life and work issues would invade my dreams, and I would spend many nights problem-solving unconsciously. But mostly, I went to bed and slept for hours. I was a world-class champion sleeper.

Sleep quality can change over time

Not lately. Over the past few months, something changed. Middle-age? Menopause? Living through a pandemic? I don’t know, but it was harder to fall asleep and stay there. Suddenly there was night-time waking, tossing and turning, arriving at morning feeling less than rested.

I started with all the recommended habit changes. Wind down for bed early. Avoid electronics. Read until tired. Don’t lie awake; get up if you can’t sleep. Avoid drinking large quantities of water. Keep the room cool. Get up as soon as the alarm rings. Check! I did all that and still wasn’t sleeping as I should.

Maybe it’s not just me?

Recent travels made it clear that good sleep was still possible. I slept better away from home. Sleeping with luxury hotel bedding in uncluttered and clean rooms was a clue that my environment at home needed an update. It was time to bring the hotel experience home.

You and I deserve better

Next stop, update my sleeping quarters, especially the bedding. Such a simple thing, but so often neglected. I had the usual sets of bedding I rotated, but they were getting worn and shabby. Sheets were annoying when they drifted off the mattress corners. Pillows were losing their oomph. Sheets were faded and no longer crisp nor fresh, even after laundering.

So, all in on the updates. While the mattress was holding up, I added a down mattress topper, hotel-style luxury sheets, ample fresh pillows, a new duvet, shams, and accent pillow. Topped off with lavender linen spray. Everything is fluffed and made up beautifully each morning. A bed so inviting, so comfortable I can’t wait to get to bed. It feels like a luxury hotel as I crawl into the comfiest bed imaginable and listen to gentle ocean waves emanating from the Echo speaker.

This change paid off handsomely

After making it each morning, the bed looks so great that I am compelled to tidy the rest of the room, put away cast-off clothing, and clear the nightstand each day. Having made the update, I’m not sure what took me so long to invest in such quick and easy upgrades to the place I spend over one-third of my time. Dividends are paid all day long! I’m better equipped to take on the day by feeling so much better when my eyes open.

Is updating your sleeping space going to cure all your sleep troubles? Not likely. What’s keeping you awake may not be solved so simply, but making your bedroom as luxurious as possible is not a bad place to start.

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